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This program is aimed at all schools that wish to visit the Cozumel Planetarium to promote science and culture in all students.

Students will have the opportunity to get to know our areas and carry out the different activities that we offer.

Museum Tour: Depending on the academic level of the school group, they will be given a tour through our museum room where students will learn about Mayan commerce, navigation, worldview and archaeoastronomy, without forgetting the importance of the Goddess Ixchel in the Cozumel Island. You will also learn about the biodiversity of the region.

Dome: We have different films available for our Dome, which can display second and third dimensional images in a 360 ° projection area. An experience that students will enjoy.

Observatory: In this area, we offer solar observations with special lenses to be able to see the Sun and in our telescope with solar filter. If the sky is cloudy, the Observatory staff, with different screens distributed in the area, can show a simulation of the starry sky through the Stellarium program and photographs taken from our telescope.

Seasonal workshops: We offer different educational and / or cultural workshops with topics that change periodically. From coloring the Solar System, creating a Newton disk, making recycling crafts or putting together mechanical toys. The activities based on scientific methodologies depend on the school level of the group.


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For more information and to schedule your visit, contact:

Tel: 857 11 86/857 08 67