The Isla Cozumel Planetarium, Cha'an Ka'an, has state-of-the-art technology which includes a Digistar 5 system with 6 projectors that are capable of transmitting 3D and 2D images in a 360 ° projection area, this type of technology will allow the visitor to see the solar system, constellations or even other galaxies in a unique way in Mexico and Latin America. There are also screenings or exclusive films for Domo.


Due to our geographical position, we are the first to see the starry sky and its wonders with our main telescope, managing to see stars, planets and even galaxies in our night observation sessions. We also have telescopes with solar filters to make daytime observations to see the sunspots.


In this space, the visitor will be able to learn about Mayan commerce, navigation, worldview and archaeoastronomy without forgetting the importance of the Goddess Ixchel on Cozumel Island. You will also learn about the biodiversity of the region. We have guided tours by a host, just check availability at the Planetarium box office.


We have two didactic rooms in the Planetarium and they have been designed to be playful and interactive learning spaces where different workshops, talks or courses can be given.


One of our rooms has a permanent exhibition open to the general public called: "Experi-Ciencia", and has available:


  • The Tower of Hanoi: the participant's intelligence is put to the test.

  • The magic triangle: mathematical logic is applied.

  • The tangram: a puzzle that requires ingenuity and imagination.

  • Microscopes to see small insects, particles, etc.

  • Puzzles, educational games and more.


The Nature Interpretation Center (CIN) is a green area space that will show the meaning and relationship of a part of the flora of Cozumel Island with the visitor through a direct experience, in a guided tour . It is important to note that as part of the environmental care measures, the irrigation of the green areas of the project will be with water supplied by the wastewater treatment plant.